Urban Legends Of Chicago

urban legends of chicago

Chicago Urban Legends You Will Always Remember

Chicago is full of urban legends. If you stay around in the city long enough, you will inevitably hear about some of these mysterious tales – however, they’re not for the faint of heart. Chicago is considered one of the most frightening cities in the US due to its unsolved homicides, sinister clowns, and much more. If you don’t mind nightmares, then proceed and read on…

The Haunting at Hull House

haunting of hull house

Rumors circulated in the 1890s that Jane Addams Hull, the philanthropic mistress of the house, had taken in an infant that its mother was unable to keep. People thought it to be the spawn of the Devil, but Hull still looked after it in the attic until its death. Visitors to the museum today have reported glimpsing the face of Satan in the house.  The Haunting at Hull House continues to this day.

Resurrection Mary

This is the title given to a ghost story about a young woman who is said to haunt a stretch of Archer Avenue on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. It is believed that the woman, Mary, was killed in a hit-and-run accident while walking home from a dance hall in the 1930s. Locals and visitors alike to the area have reported sightings of the apparition, prompting the story of her resurrection. It is said that Mary, who had blonde hair and blue eyes, met her demise in a car accident with her partner in 1934. She is often spotted asking men for a lift to her house, and when they stop at Archer Avenue by the Resurrection Cemetery, she mysteriously vanishes.

Homey The Clown

urban legends of chicago

Homey is a clown who entertains people in the comfort of their own home. He brings the fun to wherever he goes and provides everyone with a good time.

This is one of the oldest urban myths of this city. In 1991, the rumor was that a man clad in a clown costume was luring kids into vans. Though the police conducted an investigation and concluded it was nothing more than a myth, many of the locals continue to believe that this clown is still roaming the city and targeting children.

The Ghosts of German Church Road

ghosts of german church road

In 1956, two young girls, aged 13 and 15, were tragically discovered deceased near a road after they had gone to see a movie. It is believed by the locals that the spirits of the sisters still linger, attempting to make it back home.  There are many other stories surround the ghosts of German Church Road.

The Tillie Klimek Residence

tillie klimek

Serial killers from Chicago are not that common, but she was responsible for the deaths of her three husbands. All the men would become ill and perish soon after. Even when her final husband was beginning to recuperate, the woman allegedly boasted about the bargain she got for his coffin. Tillie Klimek was convicted for her offenses, and her abode remains standing to this day. Local people have claimed to experience a weird feeling when they are in the vicinity of the house.

The Teresita Basa Murder

In 1977, a female was located in a Lincoln Park flat engulfed in flames, with a knife inserted in her chest. It was said that a spouse of the deceased’s colleague had out-of-body experiences and meditated on Basa, pointing out the killer and uncovering stolen jewelery.  Known as the Teresita Basa Murder, it took years to solve, and some say the ghost of the victim actually solved her own murder.

Remains Discovered near Lincoln Park

There are bodies buried beneath Lincoln Park. In 1860, a graveyard was transformed into a public park, but since many of the graves were unmarked, not all of them were moved. Thus, some unmarked plots were simply covered up with the park. Later, when the Chicago History Museum was constructed, unearthing of the foundation uncovered a multitude of skeletal remains.

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