The Best Things To Do In Chicago During Winter

winter in chicago

Discover A Winter Wonderland: Unleashing Chicago’s Wintertime Charm

‍Chicago, the Windy City, has a reputation for its bone-chilling winters. But beyond the freezing temperatures and the whirlwinds of snow, the city holds a magical allure that comes alive when the mercury dips. From the sparkle of the snow-blanketed cityscape to the warmth of its vibrant cultural scene, things to do in Chicago during winter are experiences worth cherishing.

Embrace the Frost: Outdoor Adventures in Chicago’s Winter

Don’t let the winter cold confine you indoors! Chicago offers delightful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, embracing the frosty weather with fun and frolic.

Glide and Swirl: Ice Skating in Downtown Chicago

The biting cold of Chicago turns the city into a wonderland for ice skating enthusiasts. From Millennium Park to Wrigley Field, you can find skating rinks dotted throughout the city. The most popular among them is the iconic ice rink in Millennium Park. Here, you can twirl and glide on your skates, surrounded by the breathtaking winter views of downtown Chicago. If you’re up for a unique skating experience, head to the quarter-mile Skating Ribbon that winds through scenic Maggie Daley Park. These rinks open from November through early March, weather permitting, and offer skate rentals for those who don’t have their own.

winter in chicago

Cozy Up To the Fire: Curling with Cocktails

For a charming and quintessentially winter experience, try your hand at curling. The rooftop of The Gwen houses an iceless curling rink, where you can enjoy a game sipping on their signature curling cocktails. Their rooftop terrace also features fire pits, perfect for warming up and enjoying their full food and drink menu.

Swoosh and Slide: Sledding and Snowshoeing

If you’re in the mood for some winter thrill, head to Soldier Field, home to the Chicago Bears. The parkland surrounding the historic stadium houses a sledding hill that spans over 200 feet, offering a thrilling ride for adventure-seekers. For a quieter, more laid-back outdoor activity, try snowshoeing at Northerly Island, a man-made peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan.

Indoor Winter Delights: Escaping the Chill

If you prefer staying indoors, Chicago has an array of indoor wonders that keep you warm while offering an array of entertainment and cultural experiences.

Savor the City’s Cuisine: Chicago’s Food Scene

Chicago’s culinary scene is a blend of classic dishes and innovative creations by city chefs. From deep dish pizzas to hot dogs and spicy Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago’s food is sure to comfort you in the winter chill. Visit Katherine Anne Confections for their decadent hot chocolate or try the Mexican version at Kristoffer’s Café & Bakery in Pilsen.

Soak in the Views: Chicago’s Observatories

For a panoramic view of the city, head to one of Chicago’s observatories. The 360 Chicago offers a stunning view of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s skyscrapers, while the Skydeck Chicago at the Willis Tower lets you step into glass-paneled boxes for an unobstructed view.

Revel in the Holiday Spirit: Chicago’s Christkindlmarket

One of Chicago’s most beloved winter traditions is the Christkindlmarket. This German-inspired Christmas market takes over Daley Plaza every November and December, offering an array of handmade gifts, live music, and delicious German food and beverages.

Keeping it Green: Visit Indoor Gardens and Conservatories

For a dose of greenery amidst the winter chill, head to one of Chicago’s indoor botanic gardens and conservatories. The Lincoln Park Conservatory offers an array of exotic flora, while the Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the nation’s largest conservatories, boasting two acres of lush greenhouse space.

winter in chicago

Experience the Magic of Lights: Chicago’s Light Shows

Chicago’s winter nights are illuminated by numerous light shows that add a touch of magic to the city. From the ZooLights at the Lincoln Park Zoo to the Lightscape at the Chicago Botanic Garden, these light shows offer an unforgettable holiday experience.

Embrace the Chill: Tips for Visiting Chicago in Winter

Visiting Chicago in winter does require some preparation. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the city in its winter glory:

  • Dress in layers to combat the cold weather. Wear a scarf, hat, and gloves to cover as much skin as possible.
  • Wear comfortable boots that can handle the snow and salt on the streets.
  • Use the downtown tunnel system, the Pedway, to move around the city without braving the cold.
  • Be aware of the location you’re going to and plan your route ahead of time to avoid having to use your phone in the cold.

Winter in Chicago may be cold, but it’s filled with warmth and charm that makes the city a unique destination during the frosty season. From outdoor adventures to cozy indoor activities, Chicago offers a winter experience that’s unlike any other. So, bundle up, step out and embrace the winter chill in the Windy City.

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