The Tribune Tower In Chicago

tribune tower chicago

The Iconic Tribune Tower: A Landmark of Chicago’s Skyline

Chicago, the bustling metropolis known for its stunning architecture, is home to numerous iconic landmarks. Among these is the Tribune Tower, a neo-Gothic skyscraper that has stood tall on Michigan Avenue for nearly a century. This article delves into the rich history, captivating design, and cultural significance of the Tribune Tower, showcasing why it continues to be a cherished symbol of the city.

tribune tower chicago

The Birth of an Architectural Marvel

In 1922, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the Chicago Tribune announced an international competition for the design of its new headquarters. Architects from 23 countries enthusiastically participated, submitting over 260 entries in the hope of creating what the Tribune owners called “the most beautiful building in the world.” The winning design, chosen from this prestigious competition, would eventually become the awe-inspiring Tribune Tower.

A Global Competition

tribune tower chicago

The Tribune Tower competition attracted entries from both American and European architects, each bringing their unique perspectives and design philosophies. While American architects prioritized practicality and rentable office space, some European entries aimed for a more monumental form. Among the notable proposals were a giant Doric column by Austrian architect Adolf Loos, reminiscent of the columns printed in the newspaper, and a grand classical arch resembling the Arch De Triomphe in Paris by Italian architect Saverio Dioguardi. However, it was the design submitted by New York architects Raymond Hood and John Mead Howells that ultimately claimed victory.

Gothic Revival: A Cathedral of Journalism

Hood and Howells’ winning design embraced the Gothic Revival style, drawing inspiration from architectural elements of the past. The lower office block, adorned with vertical piers and horizontal spandrels characteristic of Art Deco, showcased the use of Indiana limestone. The crown of the tower, reminiscent of the Butter Tower of the Rouen Cathedral in France, added a touch of medieval European grandeur. As visitors step inside, they are greeted by the Hall of Inscriptions, where famous quotations from Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison celebrate the freedom of the press. While some critics hoped for a design that would push the boundaries of American architecture, Hood and Howells’ nostalgic and historic approach resonated with the newspaper owners’ vision.

tribune tower chicago

A Tower with a Story: Historical Fragments

What sets the Tribune Tower apart from other architectural marvels is its collection of historical fragments integrated into the building’s structure. Prior to the tower’s construction, correspondents for the Chicago Tribune were sent around the world to collect rocks and bricks from significant sites. These fragments, labeled with their origin, were incorporated into the lower levels of the building. Visitors can find stones from places like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia, and even a piece of the Berlin Wall. Each fragment serves as a tangible reminder of the Tribune’s global reach and the city’s connection to the wider world.

Influence and Legacy

The Tribune Tower’s distinctive design and architectural influence have left an indelible mark on the world. Several buildings around the globe pay homage to its grandeur, including the spires of the Grace Building in Sydney and the Manchester Unity Building in Melbourne. Even the architects of One Atlantic Center in Atlanta drew inspiration from the Tribune Tower, evident in the building’s shaft and base. The Tribune Tower has become a symbol of excellence in architecture, inspiring generations of architects to push the boundaries of design.

The Tribune Tower’s Evolving Role

Over the years, the Tribune Tower has undergone various transformations to adapt to changing times. In 2006, the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum opened its doors within the tower, promoting the values of free press and expression. The Tribune Tower has also been an active participant in the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago, allowing visitors to explore its interior and appreciate its architectural splendor. Most recently, the tower has embarked on a new chapter as CIM and Golub acquired it for redevelopment into luxury residences. The Reimagined Tribune Tower promises to blend modern living with the rich historical legacy of the building.

Pop Culture Significance

Beyond its architectural and historical significance, the Tribune Tower has also made appearances in popular culture. In episodes of the television series “CSI: NY,” the tower’s historical pieces played a central role in the storyline. Conan O’Brien was famously seen running past the tower during his inaugural episode as host of “The Tonight Show.” The tower even found its way into the Transformers movie franchise, with snipers shooting from its upper floors.

tribune tower chicago

Preservation and Appreciation

As a Chicago landmark and a contributing property to the Michigan-Wacker Historic District, the Tribune Tower holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Its enduring presence on the city’s skyline serves as a reminder of the rich history and architectural legacy of Chicago. Efforts to preserve and appreciate this iconic structure ensure that future generations will continue to admire its beauty and significance.

The Tribune Tower stands tall as a testament to the power of architectural excellence and historical preservation. Its neo-Gothic design, rich with symbolism and fragments from around the world, captures the imagination and resonates with the spirit of Chicago. As the city continues to evolve, the Tribune Tower remains an enduring landmark that pays homage to the past while embracing the future.

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