Forest Glen: A Hidden Gem on Chicago’s Northwest Side

‍Nestled on Chicago’s Northwest Side, Forest Glen is a hidden gem that combines the convenience of city living with the tranquility of the suburbs. This tight-knit community, comprising the neighborhoods of Forest Glen, Edgebrook, and Sauganash, offers a unique blend of urban amenities and a neighborly atmosphere. With its lush green spaces, well-maintained single-family homes, and a strong sense of community, Forest Glen has earned the reputation of being “Chicago’s Finest Community.” In this article, we will explore the rich history, vibrant neighborhoods, and notable attractions that make Forest Glen a sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike.

A Brief Overview

Located on the Northwest Side of Chicago, is officially designated as Community Area 12. It encompasses the neighborhoods of Forest Glen, Edgebrook, and Sauganash, with sub-neighborhoods including Sauganash Park, Wildwood, North Edgebrook, and Old Edgebrook. Covering a total area of 3.21 square miles, Forest Glen is home to a diverse population of approximately 19,596 residents.

Forest Glen

The Neighborhoods of Forest Glen


Bordering Sauganash to the west and Forest Glen to the south, Edgebrook is a charming neighborhood with a rich history. Originally part of the Sauganash land tract known as Caldwell’s Reserve, Edgebrook was annexed by the city of Chicago in 1889. This picturesque neighborhood is defined by its tree-lined streets, well-preserved homes, and close proximity to nature. Residents of Edgebrook enjoy easy access to the Billy Caldwell Golf Course, the Edgebrook Golf Course, and the Edgebrook Branch of the Chicago Public Library.

Forest Glen


Sauganash, named after Billy Caldwell (also known as Sauganash), is a vibrant neighborhood within the neighborhood community. Billy Caldwell, a leader of the Potawotomi tribe, played a significant role in negotiating with the United States on behalf of the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawotomi nations. Today, Sauganash is home to three churches, including the Sauganash Community Church, Bride of Christ Church, and Queen of All Saints Roman Catholic Basilica. The neighborhood boasts a variety of distinctive homes and had large tracts of prairie land until the mid-1950s.

Forest Glen

Forest Glen, often referred to as “Chicago’s Finest Community,” is the heart of this Chicago community area. This historic neighborhood, one of the oldest on the Northwest Side, offers a peaceful and serene environment for its residents. The first European American settler in the area was Civil War hero Captain William Hazelton, who built a home that still stands today. Forest Glen is bordered by the Chicago River to the north, Foster Avenue to the south, Cicero Avenue to the east, and the Metra Milwaukee District North line to the west.

Attractions and Amenities

Natural Beauty

The area is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. The neighborhood is surrounded by the Cook County Forest Preserves, offering residents and visitors numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Edgebrook and Sauganash Park systems provide scenic trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds for families to enjoy. LaBagh Woods forest preserve, located south of Sauganash, is a haven for nature enthusiasts, with its diverse wildlife and tranquil atmosphere.


Forest Glen benefits from excellent transportation options, making it easy to access other parts of Chicago and beyond. The neighborhood has its own Metra stop on the Milwaukee District North (MD-N) line, providing convenient train service to Union Station. Additionally, it is located near the intersections of highways 90 and 94, making it easily accessible by car.


The neighborhood is home to several esteemed educational institutions that provide top-notch education to the community’s children. Edgebrook Elementary School, Wildwood School, Sauganash Elementary School, Beard Elementary School, Hitch Elementary School, and Beaubien Elementary School are among the primary schools serving Forest Glen. The neighborhood is also in close proximity to William Howard Taft High School, a highly regarded public secondary school. Private school options include Saint Ignatius College Prep, Loyola Academy, Notre Dame College Prep, and Regina Dominican High School.

Forest Glen

Community Involvement

Forest Glen Community Club

The Forest Glen Community Club, founded in the 1920s, plays a crucial role in fostering a strong sense of community within the area. The club organizes various social and civic events throughout the year, bringing neighbors together and promoting a friendly and supportive environment. By paying annual dues, residents can become members of the club and actively participate in the activities it sponsors.

This Chicago community, with its peaceful neighborhoods, natural beauty, and strong community spirit, offers a unique living experience on Chicago’s Northwest Side. Whether it’s enjoying the tranquility of the forest preserves, exploring the historic streets of Edgebrook, or connecting with neighbors through the Forest Glen Community Club, this hidden gem truly lives up to its reputation as “Chicago’s Finest Community.” With its convenient transportation options, excellent schools, and a thriving sense of community, this neighborhood is a place where residents can enjoy the best of both city and suburban living.

Experience the charm and neighborliness of this beautiful area —Chicago’s hidden gem—where urban conveniences meet suburban tranquility.

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